Team Building

Building high performing teams is a necessity for business optimized success and this requires eliminating the “Blame Game” that is ubiquitous in organizations.

Dr. Greg Howes – The BlameBuster™ is highly regarded for his ability in enabling teams to focus on the underlying systematic problems, bringing the team together for the noble cause of solving the system's problems, aiding individuals to find meaning in their work, and solidifying the team by helping them ensure mutual success.

Dr. Greg and his team of BlameBusters™ are experts at eliminating the blame and facilitating strong team relationship by helping the team achieve success.

Dr. Greg – The BlameBuster™
: “In order to stop the blaming, people must believe their work has meaning, the team must understand the system and not the individual causes the pain, everyone must be provided the opportunity to succeed, and management must create the environment that empowers their desire.”