Sales Training

Treaty Consulting Group works with small & medium size organizations whose sales are lagging expectations and who desire to significantly increase their top-line performance.

We enable top-line performance improvement by putting in place an on-going revenue optimization program that constructs a highly-skilled sales team and instantiates and documents processes for marketing and sales efforts.
In this engagement, we worked with the President and developed a customized program that consisted of sales training, and marketing/ sales processes and documentation. This customer had a 45% increase in monthly sales within the first month and tripled sales within six months.

The sales program begins by providing and instilling time management skills in the sales team. Then specific skills are taught to include marking syntax, dream client development, lead development, presentation techniques and common mistakes, and detailed sales processes. Additionally, workshops are conducted to create sales and marketing scripts, provide role-playing and hot seat engagements, and to document sales/marketing processes & scripts.

The normal scheduling is weekly, day-long workshops and time between workshops used to document processes and scripts and to practice the new learnings.