Organizational Redesign

Organizational redesign or reengineering is a frequent desire and necessity of organizations. If you are not adapting to the environment, you are moving backwards relative to your competition. Many executives, senior managers, supervisors, and individual contributors see the result of re-engineering efforts as the redrawing of the organizational chart, or in some cases, creating it for the first time. However, organizational redesign efforts must be much more systematic than a simple re-depicting of the lines if the true strategy is to emerge. 

The Treaty Consulting Group (TCG) model for business optimization uses a systematic approach that begins with developing a robust understanding of the vision and mission of the company, which is followed by a participative engagement with the organization to understand the processes, tools, and people required to achieve the vision. Based on these discoveries, an organization structure is developed and created to manage the many aspects of the organization. This ensures an optimized strategy develops that supports the mission and the vision is realized.