Executive Coaching

Treaty Consulting Group, LLC effectively assists executives to move from managers to leaders by focusing on building trust with their team and facilitating frequent and candid communications and conversations.

The BlameBusters® work to build a trusting bond between themselves and the executives so “real” conversations take place. Furthermore, we use this distinctive relationship to facilitate the executives in building this same powerful bond with their team. 

Victor Frankl declared responsibility is only have of the equation with the other half being accountability. 
Frankl, V.E. (1984). Man's Search for Meaning. New Yorik: Simon & Schuster.

At Treaty Consulting Group, LLC, we help executives become comfortable in building responsibility in their team by ensuring trust and accountability are present in the system. 

This has the very liberating effect that allows the leadership team to focus on the organization’s strategies while being assured the operations are being executed effectively and efficiently by the organization. We help the executives build a transformational style of leading that enables their organization to constantly and effectively adjust to the ever changing world. These techniques provide the foundation to ensure the hard issues of developing strategies are supported with solid leadership development and cultural initiatives.