Communication Strategies

Dr. Greg - The BlameBuster™ has long posited that “real” communication would eliminate the majority of interpersonal finger-pointing and manager-subordinate tensions prevalent in organizations.

This communication, however, must be multi-faceted, fact based, and faithfully honest; and it must use both the formal and informal communication channels.

Treaty Consulting Group’s BlameBusters™ will work with the leadership of your organization to build a communication strategy that uses all modern modalities and create a network of communicators to ensure information flows in all directions and is truly understood and accepted as “real” by the individuals of the organization.

Dr. Greg – The BlameBuster™
 - “Most, if not all, of the politics and interpersonal problems that take place in any organization is because we just won’t have “real” conversations. If we will just agree to communicate professionally and candidly, and follow through on that commitment, the majority of our organizational ills will be eliminated in short order.”