Treaty Consulting Group, LLC has affiliations with key subject matter experts that bring the best talent available to help companies of all sizes optimize their performance by aligning Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives, and Operational Excellence. These affiliations are well vetted and specifically focused on making available the best expertise in the United States, if not the globe, to address our clients problems and facilitate quick and effective resolutions. Below are a couple of the most talented and most capable affiliations we have constructed to help our clients reach their goals.

George L. Dempsey, Ph.D. 

President & CEO, Corporate Psychology Inc

“When you tell, they listen.  When you show, they remember.  When you engage, they align and act!  Corporate Psychology Inc …the Art of Persuasion Science! Successful communications deliver messages that motivate purposeful behaviors, influence focused decisions, and drive deliberate results. Being an effective leader is not unlike being an effective human being; we are at our absolute best when we are absolutely authentic.  Your team has got to know the real you.”  
- Dr. George Dempsey

Dr. George Dempsey 
founded Corporate Psychology Inc in 1978 as a consulting firm to chief executives and senior management.   He is known for his unique ability to connect with business leaders, understand their goals and needs, and help them take the necessary steps, both personally and organizationally, to achieve them. 

Dr. Dempsey has corporate and organizational experience with numerous clients including fortune 500 companies and large family owned businesses.  He serves on the boards of several companies and is an expert on leadership, strategy, culture and alignment.  He is a highly sought after consultant, speaker, workshop leader and facilitator who  inevitably becomes his clients’ trusted adviser and even more, a special friend.

received his BA in psychology from University of Houston and his MA and Ph.D. in psychology from Louisiana State University. His background is in both clinical and organizational psychology, and in helping organizations become the best they can.

Barbara J. Loftus

"The Business Acquisition approach used by most in the government contracting industry is based on a model that is outdated, too expensive, and only marginally increases an organization’s probability of win for most types of procurements. At Tech-Mark Services, we have developed a new model that is based on years of practical experience and that works in the current Government acquisition process to significantly increase probability of win while minimizing pursuit costs.”  
- Barb Loftus

Tech-Mark Services is a Woman-Owned Small Business that offers engineering, program management, and marketing services to companies that do business with the US government. Our mission is to help our customers grow business with less investment. We also offer these capabilities directly to the US Government, where our mission is to ensure the government gets what it needs through its procurements.

Barbara (Barb) Loftus is a mission-focused leader with over 25 years of experience in the government contracting industry – primarily with systems development and integration organizations. Barb spent the early part of her career as a microelectronics packaging engineer with Harris Corporation, developing electronic modules and associated manufacturing processes for Air Force, Army, and classified programs. From there, Barb moved into program management, running programs ranging from $2M to over $1B for customers in the DoD and Federal Civil market spaces. For the past 10 years, Barb has led captures for Harris and SAIC adding up to more than $14B worth of opportunities with the Navy, Army, FAA, Coast Guard, and Department of Homeland Security. 

Barb has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and an MS in Technical Communications from North Carolina State University. 

Mike Rietzel, PMP

Government Contract and Compliance, Soltec Electronics, and Independent Consultant

"If forced to choose between pure intellect and purpose, one should choose purpose because a purposeful team of "average" people will typically out perform a group of "superstars" with their associated baggage. A purposeful team avoids disaster by staying true to its vision and avoids habitual prioritization of tactical goals over strategic objectives. Most importantly, a successful team believes that honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior are more than words in a vision statement and works to build trust both inside and outside the group."
- Mike Rietzel

SolTec Electronics is an industry leader in providing commercial, aerospace, and military clients with high quality electronic components that are obsolete, long lead-time, or otherwise hard to find. Mr. Rietzel is responsible for the development and execution of Government business for SolTec with an emphasis on the Defense Logistics Agency. 

Mr. Rietzel is an independent consultant and provides engineering support and guidance to organizations on a wide range of business and engineering topics. He has been a key contributor for ISO 9000, AS9120, and ESD S20.20 certification efforts. Mike helps organizations manage relationships with their customers, surface and resolve conflicts, and develop focused, performance driven cultures that follow-through on commitments and achieve results.

Mike Rietzel has over thirty-five years of experience in executive leadership, program management, project management, systems engineering, system installation, and system integration, test and maintenance. His experience includes leading geographically dispersed senior leaders, and proficiency with systems in the fields of Information Technology (IT), Imagery Intelligence (IMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Obscuration Systems, Communication Technologies, and Data Acquisition & Control (DAC).     

Mike has a BS in Electronics Engineering from Capitol Institute of Technology, where he graduated cum laude, and a MS in Information and Telecommunications Systems Management for Capitol College. Mike is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®.