About Us - Treaty Consulting Group

Treaty Consulting Group, LLC is a global management consulting firm that specializes in business optimization to drive top-line and bottom-line performance.

We help businesses of all sizes optimize by constructing a performance culture that aligns Mission, Vision, Strategic Objectives, and Operational Excellence. We use the combination of proven organization behavior and change manage approaches, program and project management methods, and operation management tools and techniques that provide immediate results while establishing an enduring optimization culture.

We build strong connections with executives, middle managers, supervisors and individual contributors to develop a rich view of the people, tools, processes, and organizational arrangement that are truly used to accomplish the firm’s mission versus those that are purported. We pride ourselves on forming strong bonds with the entire organization to provide one-on-one coaching of the techniques that will influence employee behavior, empower performance, and instill permanent change. 

We are adept at creating formal and informal communication strategies that will build support for organizational efforts and facilitate organization optimization. These aptitudes enable us to diagnose the leverage points that enable quick performance increases and
to lead functional and cross-functional teams in developing an operational system 
that fosters long-term improvement through inter-departmental cooperation. We facilitate the 
development of systems thinking that recognizes that structures cause their own problems,
not environmental factors or individual gaffes.

We are experts at system optimization and we are The BlameBusters®, and we offer a
variety of services that drive top-line and bottom-line performance.